Localizing text

This page shows you how to localize or customize strings in the SDK UI.

Strings in the Talk SDK are localized into the following 33 languages. They are listed in supported languages below.

List of localized strings

To change the default strings in your application, add replacements for the following strings. Make sure to include placeholders in the replacements of any strings that contain them.

The Talk SDK contains the following strings:

<resources>	<string name="agent_offline_description">Check your connection and try again.</string>	<string name="agent_offline_title">Couldn\'t connect to an agent</string>	<string name="call_disconnected_network_issue">Check your internet connection and try calling again.</string>	<string name="call_failed_ok">OK</string>	<string name="call_failed_title">Call failed</string>	<string name="call_setup_allow_cap">ALLOW</string>	<string name="call_setup_cancel_cap">CANCEL</string>	<string name="call_setup_consent_agreement">I consent to this call being recorded</string>	<string name="call_setup_consent_description">This call will be recorded for quality purposes.</string>	<string name="call_setup_consent_title">Recording this call</string>	<string name="call_setup_microphone_description">Before we start the call, make sure you give this app permission to use your microphone.</string>	<string name="call_setup_microphone_description_permissions">This app needs permission to use your microphone before you can start a call.</string>	<string name="call_setup_microphone_title">Allow microphone</string>	<string name="call_setup_start_call">Start call</string>	<string name="call_setup_start_call_cap">START CALL</string>	<string name="call_view_call_ended">Call ended</string>	<string name="call_view_call_failed">Call failed</string>	<string name="call_view_call_starting">Starting call&#8230;</string>	<string name="call_view_progress_title">Call in progress</string>	<string name="end_call">End call</string>	<string name="open_settings_cap">SETTINGS</string>	<string name="permission_denied_allow_microphone">Allow microphone</string>	<string name="permission_denied_cancel_cap">CANCEL</string>	<string name="permission_denied_never_asked">This app needs permission to use your microphone before you can start a call. Go to your app settings and allow access.</string>	<string name="server_error_description">Check your connection and try again.</string>	<string name="server_error_reconnect_cap">RECONNECT</string>	<string name="server_error_title">Couldn\'t connect</string></resources>

Supported languages

Language code Language
ar Arabic
bg Bulgarian
cs Czech
da Danish
de German
el Greek
en-GB British English
en American English
es Spanish
fi Finnish
fil Filipino
fr French
fr-CA French Canadian
he Hebrew
hi Hindi
hu Hungarian
id Indonesian
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
ms Malay
nb Norwegian
nl Dutch
pl Polish
pt-BR Brazilian Portuguese
pt Portuguese
ro Romanian
ru Russian
sv Swedish
th Thai
tr Turkish
vi Vietnamese
zh-Hans Simplified Chinese
zh-Hant Traditional Chinese