Known issues and limitations

Only one instance of Support SDK running at the same time

The Classic Support SDK has not been designed to be able to have multiple instance of it running at the same time. You can only using one instance of Support SDK at once in your app.

Switching the SDK configuration at runtime

If you change the Support configuration at runtime, be aware that this is not supported. While it is possible to initialize with one configuration/account and initialize again with another one during runtime, we do not support such a configuration.

Ticket creation message doesn't support Placeholders

The customisable ticket creation message doesn't support Placeholders but does support Dynamic Content.

SDK doesn't support subsections

The use of subsections is not supported by the SDK. In the UI, subsections will be treated as normal sections of a category.

R8 issues with Android Gradle plugin 3.5.0

The R8 compiler is now used by default to perform compile-time code optimizations. R8 is more aggressive in its optimizations than Proguard was, and removes some code that is required by the Support SDK to function correctly. In an upcoming release we will add rules to keep these classes in our consumer Proguard rules (which are used by R8).

If you experience unexpected issues with the Support SDK after enabling R8 or upgrading to Android Studio 3.5.0 (or Android Gradle plugin 3.5.0), add the rules for the R8 compiler in Use Proguard to your Proguard config.

If the issues persist, please contact Zendesk Customer Support.

Maximum number of results in HelpCenterActivity

The network response that powers HelpCenterActivity has a maximum of 11 categories, with a maximum of 10 sections for each category. Each section in the response has a maximum of 5 articles, and a "See all articles" button is added if there are more sections in the back-end. Tapping the button will load any remaining articles into the section.

These limits were chosen to ensure maximum reliability and scalability while still meeting the needs of the majority of our customers. If your help center has more categories or sections than these limits will allow, consider prioritizing the most important content for mobile and filtering for labels, sections, or categories when configuring HelpCenterActivity.

Layout issues with text input box on RequestActivity after error Snackbars on API <21

This is an intermittent issue caused by an issue in the Android support library. The text input box on RequestActivity is pushed up by an error Snackbar, but in some cases does not return to its original position after the Snackbar has disappeared.