Unity native UI

Unity native UI

The UI included with the Zendesk SDK is built using native Unity components. You can modify these as you would any other standard Unity component. All components are built in a liquid fashion to support varying resolutions and aspect ratios.

The Zendesk UI can be disabled by un-checking the Use Zendesk UI option under the Zendesk GameObject. Similarly, the default on-screen buttons can also be disabled at runtime by un-checking the Use Zendesk Buttons option (see the Sample Buttons section).

Important: Zendesk UI buttons can be used only if your application uses the Zendesk UI.

All Zendesk UI scripts are provided in an open format that you can edit to your own needs where necessary. Note that while you're free to make any edits or additions to the Zendesk UI, Zendesk cannot provide assistance with any custom code or alterations you make in these scripts.

Sample buttons

The included buttons within the Zendesk SDK are for demonstration use only. You can edit or remove them at your discretion and move them to your game/app menu.

The buttons can be disabled by un-checking the Use Zendesk UI Buttons option under the Zendesk GameObject inside Zendesk UI script.

The functions used in those buttons are described below, in case you opt to use your own buttons to open the SDK screens:

ScreenGame ObjectFunction
My TicketsSupportZendeskSupportUI.ObjectOpenSupportPanel()
Create RequestSupportZendeskSupportUI.SubmitNewRequest()
Help CenterHelpCenterZendeskHelpCenterUI.OpenHelpCenter()