Known issues

Corrupted Artifact

An error occured during the release of Chat SDK v2.1.0 that resulted in upload of an empty artifact. We reversed the release by removing the affected artifact.

Queue Position

Disabling or changing the default queue message requires overriding the zch_queue_position string resource with your own custom queue message. See Localizing the UI for more information.

Agent Avatars

Agent avatars that come from the Chat backend don't appear in the conversation thread, for API levels 16-19.

Offline Form not using VisitorInfo

The Offline Form will only use known information when using JWT authentication. VisitorInfo will not be used to prefill the information of the Offline Form.

Department not set when using triggers to send greetings

Chat triggers that send a greeting to the visitor can interfere with the SDK setting a department. You can add a 'Still on site' condition to the trigger with a value of '1' to avoid this. This is the number of seconds to wait.

Example of a proactive message trigger in the Chat admin interface