Anonymous authentication

Use this option if you don't know, or don't need to know, the details of the end user. For details, see Authentication decision in the SDK integration checklist.

End users are authenticated only in the event of making a network call to any Zendesk endpoint such as when requesting their support tickets.

This authentication routine is integrated at a provider/repository level, which ensures that authentication remains handled automatically in the event you write any custom methods or disable any services such as the Zendesk UI.

In a nutshell, this means that once your app is set up to use anonymous authentication in the Support admin interface, no further action is needed on your part to authenticate and persist a user's credentials and ticket history.

Anonymous authentication uses Unity's PlayerPrefs. Be aware that clearing all PlayerPrefs keys will result in the end user losing access to any tickets stored on their account.

Setting an anonymous identity manually

Use this option if you want to set the identity of the end user manually in the conversational view.

To set an anonymous identity

Add the following statement after the code that initializes the SDK:

zendeskMain.SetAnonymousIdentity(<end_user_email>, <end_user_name>);