Classic Web Widget and SDKs features

This document contains a list of the features and contents present in the Classic SDKs.
Similar documents are available for the Zendesk SDKs and for Sunshine Conversation.

Feature Web Widget Chat SDK Support SDK Unity SDK
Asynchronous End users can leave and come back to the conversation No No Yes Yes
Persistent Full view of past messages No No Yes Yes
Rich content Carousels, forms, list, and more. See Supported content types and structured messages Yes Limited Limited Limited
Portable Conduct conversation across multiple channels No No No No
Multiple Conduct multiple conversations with the same company simultaneously No No Yes Yes
API and 3rd party integration Customize the conversation experience using APIs and third-party chatbot Yes Yes No No
UI customization Customize the end-user side Limited Limited Limited Limited
User authentication User authentication using JWT Yes Yes Yes Yes
Skill-based routing Route conversation to right agent and teams Yes Yes Yes Yes
Push notifications Mobile only n/a Android
Dark mode Mobile only n/a No No No
Article suggestions Answer Bot recommends article Yes No Yes Yes
Article in-app viewing Viewing the articles in-app n/a No Yes Yes
Help Center navigation Navigate through help center articles in UI n/a No Yes Yes
Rating interaction Ability for end user to provide feedback and comment Yes Yes No Yes
Agent Avatar Ability for agent/bot to have a customised Avatar Yes Android only Yes Yes

Supported content types and structured messages

Content types Web Widget Chat SDK Support SDK Unity SDK
Text Yes Yes Yes Yes
Links Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emoji Yes Yes Yes No
GIF Yes Yes Yes No
Location No No No No
Structured messages Web Widget Chat SDK Support SDK Unity SDK
Compound Message No No No No
Carousel No No No No
Form No No No No
List No No No No
Shortcuts Yes Yes No No

More information

For more information around the different SDKs limitations and known issues, each SDK has its dedicated section: