JWT authentication

JWT authentication

If you want only trusted users to access your organization's help center or to submit tickets, your app must supply the SDK with a unique identity for the user. Zendesk must be able to use the identity to verify with your organization that the user is known and trusted. Your organization must provide Zendesk with a dedicated JWT endpoint to verify the identity.

After getting a unique identifier from your app, Zendesk will send it in a request to your dedicated JWT endpoint. Zendesk will expect a response containing a JWT token confirming that the user is known and trusted. The token must include name and email properties.

Here's the JWT authentication flow (enlarge):

See Building a dedicated JWT endpoint for the Support SDK.

The end user should have their unique JWT identifier token set after the SDK has been initialised. This JWT token can be set via the SetJwtUniqueIdentifierToken method, available under the ZendeskMain class.