Zendesk and network error handling

Zendesk and network error handling

The Zendesk SDK is set up with general response and error handling to prevent any critical-level errors or exceptions being thrown in the event of poor network connectivity or erroneously configured calls.

As with anonymous authentication, no action is required on your part to use this error handling. For end users and expected errors (such as loss of connectivity), the Zendesk SDK is fully set up to provide user-level feedback.

At a development/editor level, additional steps can be taken to better log or display errors as needed.

In the Zendesk Error Handler component on the Zendesk GameObject in your Scene, an ActionDelegate/Method is defined for handling all errors received. This method accepts a string argument that contains any relevant error information. By default it's set to output any errors received via Debug.Log.

While you may write your own error handling logic into this open source method, we recommend defining a new method that accepts a string argument and dropping this into the Unity Inspector.