Release Notes


11 August 2022


  • Added support for granular media permissions.


  • Updated target version to Android 33.
  • Updated Belvedere version to 3.0.5.


8 June 2022


  • Refactor the internal Suas library to migrate to AndroidX.
  • Added more information about the consequences of denying the request to access local storage.


  • Updated target version to Android 31 and minimum version to Android 21.
  • Updated OkHttp version to 4.9.2 and AndroidAnnotations to 1.3.0.
  • Updated the Help Center endpoint for restricted articles.


  • Fixed an issue where the start a conversation button was not visible for some Android versions.
  • Fixed an issue where the text link to expand all the articles in the category was very small.


18 February 2022

  • Hotfix to correct an issue whereby an older version of FlexBox was included as a dependency in the SDK. FlexBox 3.0.0 has been restored as the current version.


2 February 2022

  • Hotfix to correct an issue which occurred since version 5.0.6 that prevents the retrieval of Help Center articles.

Note: If you are using AnswerBot, this hotfix requires that you use AnswerBot SDK version 3.0.6.


4 January 2022

Important: We found an issue with this release relating to Guide Articles. If you are using either Guide or AnswerBot in your app, we do not recommend installing this version. A hotfix will be available soon.

  • Added support for the Canadian French language.
  • Added support for opening files on Android API 30.
  • Updated some dependencies versions like flexbox (3.0.0), retrofit (2.9.0) and firebaseCore (20.0.0).


10 November 2021

  • Hotfix for Proguard 7 issues with OkHttp (Users using Proguard 7 should upgrade to this version).


29 October 2021

  • Hotfix for Proguard 7 issues with OkHttp (Users using Proguard 7 should upgrade to this version).
  • This hotfix release was not successful in resolving the ProGuard issues that we were experiencing. We do not recommend installing this version. Please use the latest version.


4th August 2021

  • Fixed a crashing issue when suspended users created tickets.
  • Updated retrofit (2.3.0) and OkHttp (4.3.1) versions.
  • Updated target version to Android 30


3rd December 2020

  • Bug fixes: Fixed an issue where push was sometimes not received on the very first message a user sent.


4th September 2020

  • Request comments:
    • Fixed an issue where   would show in request comments.
    • Added support for ordered and unordered lists.
    • Added support for the quotation rich text type.


5th August 2020

  • Added the position field to the Article model, allowing custom sorting when using a custom Guide UI.
  • Updated consumer Proguard rules to prevent issues with more aggressive R8 in recent versions of Android Studio.
  • Added fields to support future ingestion of events into Sunshine
  • Migrated to AndroidX


24th January 2020

  • Added the new SupportEngine class for use with the new MessagingActivity. See the [Unified

SDK documentation](/documentation/classic-web-widget-sdks/unified-sdk/android/introduction/) for more details.

  • Renamed zendesk.commonui.UiConfig interface to zendesk.configurations.Configuration. All

subclasses have also been renamed accordingly. See the migration guide for more info.

  • Added a new withContactUsButtonVisible method to the RequestListConfiguration.Builder that

allows you to hide the "contact us" FAB on RequestListActivity.

  • Fixed a rare crash when viewing tickets.


  • Fixed a crash when attempting to serialize SearchArticle, User, or Attachment. Customers

integrating our API providers may have encountered this issue when trying to pass such objects as Intent extras.

  • Fixed a layout issue on HelpCenterActivity when text size on the device is set to "large" or



  • Rewrote the push notifications registration mechanism to make it more efficient and

prevent needless network activity.

  • Internal refactoring to support future features and products.


This is a patch release for 3.0.0 built with Dagger 2.23.2


  • Fixed a bug whereby Help Center did not return content in Hebrew, Norwegian or Indonesian
  • Updated Help Center to correctly render Articles written in languages which read right-to-left
  • Fixed a crash relating to attachment ordering on the Request List
  • Fixed an issue where an inaccurate error message would sometimes be shown when an article failed to load
  • Fixed an issue where dates would be incorrectly formatter in Hebrew


  • Fixed some theming issues relating to the Theme.MaterialComponents update in 2.3.0


  • Fixed a crash affecting some devices when opening an image on Nougat.
  • Fixed a bug with archived tickets not being removed from the request list.
  • Fixed a bug with leading and trailing spaces being removed when rendering rich text in ticket


  • Fixed a bug with opening external links and mailto links in Help Center articles.
  • Fixed a bug with custom fields not being modelled in our Request objects returned by


using both Picasso 2.5.2 and Picasso 2.71828 without requiring a special compatibility build (ie, no more -PCOMP versions).

  • Updated to use Theme.MaterialComponents rather than Theme.AppCompat for our SDK themes.


Refactoring of internal APIs to support future features and products. No customer-facing changes, but Android Studio will prompt anyone using a previous version of the Support SDK to update to this version.


  • Added Help Center locale override. See Overriding device locale for details.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing tickets that have responses from multiple agents on certain devices.
  • Fixed a missing Proguard rule (ViewCellAttachmentMenuItem).
  • Fixed a bug with fetching Help Center content for certain languages (Hebrew, Indonesian, Norwegian, and Yiddish).
  • Fixed various small UI inconsistencies and issues.
  • Fixed a crash when archived tickets were viewed


This is a compatibility release of 2.1.1 that uses Picasso.271828.

If you include Picasso 2.71828 in your app, use Support SDK 2.1.1-PCOMP. Otherwise, use version 2.1.1.


Most of the SDK has been completely rewritten in version 2.

RequestActivity is a new activity for creating, viewing, and updating tickets. It includes:

  • All new design
  • Separate ticket creation view when the conversations feature is disabled
  • Offline support (view tickets offline)
  • Clickable links
  • Support for deep-linking to Help Center articles
  • Support for rich text
  • Support for file attachments (not just images)
  • Programmatically-added attachments
  • Multi-agent support
  • A confirmation message to be shown on successful creation of a ticket (configurable via the

Zendesk Support admin page)

  • Improved error-handling and resending of tickets and comments
  • Improved image/file picker

RequestListActivity is the new activity for viewing a list of a user's tickets. It features:

  • All new design
  • Offline support (view tickets offline)
  • Support for showing closed tickets in the list (configurable via the Zendesk Support admin page)
  • Improved error-handling

HelpCenterActivity now matches the ordering of Help Center content on the web.

Many changes apply to the whole SDK:

  • Full support for re-initialization and changing of identity at runtime, using Zendesk.INSTANCE.init and Zendesk.INSTANCE.setIdentity
  • Full RTL support
  • Full accessibility support, including TalkBack and Switch Access
  • Simplified theming
  • Deep configuration options through UiConfigs
  • Support for 33 languages (up from 19)
  • Vector assets (almost) everywhere
  • Better proguard rules
  • New Java package names and a redesigned API


This is a compatibility release of 2.0.0 that uses Picasso 2.71828.

If you include Picasso 2.71828 in your app, use 2.0.0-PCOMP. Otherwise, use version 2.0.0.