Release notes

Version 3.4.0

24 July 2023

This version supports Android 14 (API 34).


  • Updated target version to Android 34.
  • On non-Agent Workspace account, when using translation, only the translated message appears instead of both the original message and its translation.


  • Translation in Agent Workspace has been fixed and now appears without issue for both Agent Workspace account and non-Agent Workspace.

Version 3.3.7

15 March 2023


  • This release improves the compatibility with Zendesk SDL to allow for an easier migration from Classic SDK to Zendesk SDK. You can find more information in the Zendesk SDK Migration Guide.


  • This release updates few packages and you will need to update some dependencies. You can find some details in the Chat SDK Migration guide.

The Support SDK will require Messaging: 5.3.0 from this versions onwards (inclusive).

Version 3.3.6

11 August 2022


  • Added support for granular media permissions.


  • Updated target version to Android 33.
  • Updated Belvedere version to 3.0.5.


  • Fixed an issue where the request transcript option was displayed in the menu, even though the option was disabled.

Version 3.3.5

8 June 2022


  • Added more information about the consequences of denying the request to access local storage.


  • Updated target version to Android 31 and minimum version to Android 21.
  • Updated OkHttp version to 4.9.2.

Version 3.3.4

21 March 2022


  • Added retry mechanism for agent availability requests instead of only determining agent availability once.


  • Updated message “All agents are offline“ to “Hi. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine if an agent is available.“ when the agent availability is undetermined.

Version 3.3.3

4 January 2022


  • Added support for the Canadian French language.
  • Added support for opening files on Android API 30.


  • Fixed an empty chat screen when the integrated application opens from the background state.
  • Made fixes to PreChatForm to not repeat reopening the view as authenticating users via JWT.

Version 3.3.2

10 November 2021

  • Hotfix for Proguard 7 issues with OkHttp (Users using Proguard 7 should upgrade to this version).

Version 3.3.1

29 October 2021

  • Hotfix for Proguard 7 issues with OkHttp (Users using Proguard 7 should upgrade to this version).
  • This hotfix release was not successful in resolving the ProGuard issues that we were experiencing. We do not recommend installing this version. Please use the latest version.

Version 3.3.0

4th August 2021

  • Fixed a crashing issue when setting identity.
  • Updated retrofit (2.3.0) and okhttp (4.3.1) versions.
  • Updated target version to Android 30

Version 3.2.0

3rd December 2020

  • Added ChatProvidersConfiguration that enables setting of default VisitorInfo and department.
  • Made fixes to PreChatForm to not show collection fields for information set in the ChatConfigurationStore.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.1.0

4th September 2020

  • Added quick reply text wrapping, which allows you to customize how quick replies appear. See Customize_the_look.
  • Deprecated existing setVisitorNote and appendVisitorNote methods and added updated methods.
  • Fixed incorrect hints displaying in composer after pre-chat form.
  • Fixed issue where messages were unable to be copied.

Version 3.0.0

5th August 2020

  • Added support for authenticating users via JWT. See the Unified SDK docs and the Guide article.
  • Migrated to AndroidX. Note: Chat will no longer be compatible with apps not using AndroidX from 3.0.0 onwards.
  • Added a new API on the ChatProvider to check for ongoing chats. For more information, see the documentation.
  • Minor localization and bug fixes.

Version 2.2.0

8th June 2020

  • Added support for configuring multiple apps in the Admin Console, as well as the ability to target a sandbox for testing push notifications.

  • Added support for an end user to choose from a selection of quick responses in the chat conversation.

Version 2.1.1

20th May 2020

  • Added ability to configure the options menu in the conversation screen.

  • Added keyboard input types to the pre-chat form.

  • Fixed a bug with AnswerBot restarting during an ongoing chat.

  • Fixed an issue where resetting identity would not reset push notifications.

  • Fixed an issue where tapping retry on failed messages didn't work.

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate messages in the pre-chat form.

  • Fixed an issue where an agent would receive duplicate messages.

  • Fixed an issue where the chat screen would scroll down to new messages automatically.

  • Fixed some localization issues.

Version 2.0.0

10th April 2020

  • Initial release of Chat SDK v2.