Note: The Zendesk SDK for Unity is now available for everyone. See what's included in the new Messaging experience.

The Classic Unity SDK allows developers to integrate Zendesk support capabilities natively into their Unity projects.

It lets users submit support requests to your customer support team within your mobile app. It also empowers users to look for answers on their own in your help center within the app.

Here is an overview video:

Click here to view video

Here are some screenshots from a sample Unity SDK implementation:

Note: The badge on the REQUESTS button is a custom implementation of the GetRequestUpdates method. For more information, see Getting request updates.


  • An active Zendesk account with permission to add and edit Mobile SDKs in the Support admin interface. If you're not a Zendesk admin, you can ask one to help you. If you don't have a Zendesk account, you can start your free trial on the sign-up page.
  • Unity version 2018.4 or later.

Getting started

See Getting started.

Known issues

See Known issues.

Upgrading the SDK

See Upgrading the SDK.