Known issues

  • There is an active issue with the dependency manager Carthage. It affects integrators that use Xcode's 11.4 command line tools and are trying to integrate the SDK. A workaround is to use an older version of command line tools until the Carthage team releases a fix.

  • There is an issue whereby text cells might not resize themselves accurately after a device rotation. This can result in messages missing some text.

  • Disabling or changing the default queue message requires overriding the ios.conversation.ui.queue.position string resource with your own, custom queue message. See Localizing the UI for more information.

  • You might need to keep reference to the view controller returned by the Messaging.instance.buildUI(engines:configs:) function. If so, make sure it is a weak reference to avoid any issues with the lifecycle of that view controller.

Department not set when using triggers to send greetings

Chat triggers that send a greeting to the visitor can interfere with the SDK setting a department. You can add a 'Still on site' condition to the trigger with a value of '1' to avoid this. This is the number of seconds to wait.

Example of a proactive message trigger in the Chat admin interface