Release Notes


  • Built for Swift 5.0 and Xcode 10.2.


  • Fix for image attachments layout issues in the RequestController, where images appear at varying dimensions in landscape.
  • Added Voice Over compatibility.
  • Fix for text cursor jumping to the end of text, when inserting unicode character, in the middle of the input field.
  • Fix for article failing to load on initial display, from a clean install.
  • Fix for tabBar blocking the inputField on iOS 9 and 10.
  • Deprecated the ZDKHelpCenterDelegate that displayed the human contact options, use HelpCenterUiConfiguration and ArticleUiConfiguration instead.
  • Fix for navBar shadow missing after presenting Create Request screen.


  • Compatibility with Answer Bot SDK version 1.0.0-EAP1.


  • Support for iOS 12, Xcode 10, and Swift 4.2 compatibility.


  • Added RTL support
  • Added the ability to override device locale to display specific Help Center articles
  • Fixed failed messages duplication on retry
  • Fixed crash caused by agent avatars with non-latin characters in file name
  • Fixed issue with multistage text input


  • Fixed a crash when presenting UIDocumentPickerviewController without UINavigationBar.appearance().tintColor set


  • Fixed integer overflow issues on 32bit devices. This required a breaking change to several APIs. For more details please see migration guide
  • Fixed a crash on Swift 4.1
  • HEIC are now treated as images instead of files
  • Fixed deeplinking
  • Fixed push notification registration for anonymous users


Most of the SDK was completely rewritten for version 2

CreateRequestViewController is a new view controller for creating, viewing, and updating tickets. It includes:

  • All new design
  • Separate ticket creation view when the conversations feature is disabled
  • Offline support (view tickets offline)
  • Clickable links
  • Support for deep-linking to Help Center articles
  • Support for rich text
  • Support for file attachments (not just images)
  • Programmatically-added attachments
  • Multi-agent support
  • A confirmation message to be shown on successful creation of a ticket (configurable via the Zendesk Support admin page)
  • Improved error-handling and resending of tickets and comments
  • Improved image/file picker

RequestListViewController is the new view controller for viewing a list of a user's tickets. It features:

  • All new design
  • Offline support (view tickets offline)
  • Support for showing closed tickets in the list (configurable via the Zendesk Support admin page)
  • Improved error-handling HelpCenterOverviewController now matches the ordering of Help Center content on the web.

Many changes apply to the whole SDK:

  • Full support for re-initialization and changing of identity at runtime, using Zendesk.instance?.init and Zendesk.instance?.setIdentity
  • Simplified theming
  • Deep configuration options through UiConfigs
  • Support for 33 languages (up from 19)
  • A redesigned API