If your organization uses Zendesk products for customer support, you can use the Zendesk mobile SDKs to embed that same service in your Android or iOS app.

Zendesk provides mobile SDKs for Zendesk Suite products (Support, Guide and Chat), Answer Bot and Connect.

Conversational experiences on SDKs

As a Zendesk customer, you can choose between two different conversational experiences on mobile SDKs: the Unified SDK and the classic Support SDK.

Unified SDK

The Unified SDK is our unified conversational experience for Android and iOS, and is the recommended way to integrate Chat, Answer Bot and Support on mobile apps. With the Unified SDK you can choose which specific products you will offer to your customers. For instructions on how to use the Unified SDK, see:

The Unified SDK can also be used to deliver a standalone implementation of Chat. For specific instructions on how to build a standalone Chat experience on mobile, see:

Classic Support SDK

Since the v2 version, the Support SDK also provides another conversational experience for mobile apps. If you want to provide multiple conversations based on tickets for your customers, or if you are not a Suite customer, you may prefer to use the classic Support SDK. For instructions on how to use the classic Support SDK conversational experience, see:

Other non-conversational SDKs and integration options

The Zendesk SDKs also offer other non-conversational experiences for your customers.


The classic Support SDK also contains an implementation of Zendesk Guide, with category navigation, article search, and visualization. You can use Guide on your mobile app together with both the Unified SDK and the classic Support SDK conversational experiences. For more information on Guide implementation, see:

Form-based ticket creation

The classic Support SDK also provides a legacy form-based ticket creation option. To use that, you need to integrate Support SDK (using the same links above) and disable conversations in your SDK configurations as explained here.


The Connect SDK provides another non-Messaging experience for proactive communication:

The Connect SDK will be deprecated and removed on 31st October 2021. See Removal of Zendesk Connect.

Build your own UI

If the UI provided by our SDKs doesn't suit your needs, you can build your own UI on top of the SDKs' API providers.

The API providers handle communication with the Zendesk back-end and the associated logic. Our own SDK UI layer is built on top of the providers, but we also ship the provider artefacts so that our customers are free to build their own experiences on top of them.

UI integrations vs API providers integrations

To read more about using the API providers, see: